Central Ultreya Reflection: Modesty

A Challenger sent this reflection along on the theme of the last central ultreya - Modesty: Last week I was extremely excited to go to Ultreya to hear the talk about modesty. As a lifetime Catholic who only recently rediscovered my faith, I am now constantly trying to learn more

Weekend 162: The Greatest of These is Love

A Challenger on the last weekend (October 24-26) sent this reflection along on our theme - "The Greatest of these is Love": Jesus’ crucifixion was necessary, but not mandatory. What does this mean? God the Father did not have to send his only son Jesus, to save us. But he

From the Desk of the Lay Director: October 2014

My Dear Fellow Challengers, Something that has been on my mind fairly recently is prayer, specifically intentions in personal prayer. I think that we can all agree that for the most part regular personal prayer can be a real challenge because of our busy schedules and often distracted dispositions. However,

Ultreya September 3rd: Adoration

At Ultreya this week we had the awesome opportunity to sit in front of our Lord in adoration. A fellow Challenger who was there sent along this reflection on the night: Sometimes we feel overburdened. I sure do. How ridiculous! Why is this ridiculous? Because God does not call us