Spring into Easter - 2019

For many people, January means new beginnings. “New year, new me,” right? But for me, my fresh start always begins in Spring. This is the season for the regrowth of the old and the first growth of the new. We break through that chill of winter that seems to be never-ending (literally) to meet the fresh breath of spring. And this growth and light is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. Along with new life and fresh starts, spring and Easter, also bring a sense of hope.

Think of it in terms of a flower. As the winter chill and darkness begins, the flower’s petals fall, the stem shrivels, and its beauty is lost under the many blankets of snow. Yet in Spring, with a little sunlight, water, and some good soil, the flower rises just as beautiful as the year before, maybe even with a few more blossoms. Even through the harshest winters, the coldest days, and the darkest nights, the seed of that flower stays strong because it knows that when spring comes around it will grow again.

And so will we. Easter often finds us drained from the winter spent bundled up and hibernating from the cold and the snow. Yet even after spending months in darkness, Easter is a time for us to grow. For, if God assures that each of his flowers bloom every Spring, then why wouldn’t he give us time to grow as well?

Springtime for flowers is as Easter for us. In order to grow, flowers need clean water, warm sunlight, and healthy soil, we too must take in that which helps us grow and Easter is the best time for us to do this. God pours out love for us to drink, his forgiveness for us to bathe in, and an everlasting life for us to live for, and every Easter we are reminded of this continuous care from God, our gardener.

My challenge to you is to make this Easter season as a fresh start in your life, take all the nutrients God has given you and grow like His beautiful flowers.