Ultreya September 24th: Our Identity in Christ

See what love the Father has given us; that we should be called children of God!1 John 3:1

A fellow Challenger sent us this reflection on the talk we recently heard at Ultreya:

Last evening a wonderful young woman stood up and gave her testimony. To say it shortly, I was completely blown away by her honesty, strength and most of all bravery. And I think my Floating Group Reunion would agree, as well as every other person in the room who was blessed enough to be there that evening.

As our table talked, we thought about how as women, and people of God, it can be challenging to feel that your identity in Christ is enough. We felt that it can be very hard believe that each of us is made differently because of the purpose that God has for our lives. It can be too easy to compare ourselves to others and feel that we would be better at fulfilling our purpose if only we had a different set of skills or qualities. What the speaker really made clear to us though, was that God does have a unique plan for each of us. She stressed that even though the world may look down on us, or we may even look down on ourselves, that God has given us a specific set of qualities for a unique purpose that no one else can fulfill. And in order to understand that, it is important to surround ourselves with loving community and people who work to affirm us in our faith and our lives. What amazed us was how strong this young woman was in her identity in Christ and we praise God for her beautiful witness.

She shared this song with us: