Ultreya September 3rd: Adoration

At Ultreya this week we had the awesome opportunity to sit in front of our Lord in adoration. A fellow Challenger who was there sent along this reflection on the night:

Sometimes we feel overburdened. I sure do. How ridiculous! Why is this ridiculous? Because God does not call us to carry our burdens, our sins, our worry, our anxiety, our shame, or our wounds on our shoulders. He instead calls us to do the total opposite. He calls us to lay down all of that stuff at His feet. To lay it down. Everything. Earlier today, I was worrying about the littlest things. I'm good at that. But God never called me to worry. He called me to lay these worries down at the cross. There's a reason why Jesus says His yoke is easy and His burden is light. Jesus will pull through.